Office-based and equine-assisted counseling in Louisville, CO



Office-based counseling

60-minute session $120

Overcoming challenges, exploring hurts, facing down demons, and daring to dream of a healthier, happier future are courageous efforts. Sometimes a couch in a counselor’s office is the safest place in a client’s life from which to launch those journeys. I respect that and I consider the office space sacred, so I do what I can to make each client feel comfortable and accepted in my office. 

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Equine-assisted counseling

60-minute session $120

Equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) offers an attractive alternative to conventional therapy for people who feel more comfortable working outside with animals than being in an office setting. I’m always amazed at how much more open some folks are to exploring hard personal topics in the presence of these highly intelligent, emotional, and sensitive animals. Time and again I’ve seen that openness translate into increased dedication to actually making positive changes in their lives. That’s why I’m so glad I can offer this option. Please note: no previous horse experience is necessary and no riding is involved.


Workshops and programs

In addition to my practice at A Path Forward Counseling, I’m also co-founder and president of Groundwork Ranch Equine-assisted Empowerment Center of Colorado. There, we offer several group workshops and programs aimed at fostering empowerment and growth for those who have experienced, or are currently dealing with, traumatic or challenging events. Specifically, we offer workshops and programs for foster parents of traumatized children, family members caring for a loved one with dementia, and adult survivors of relationship violence.